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A3800 Industrial Printer
  • White color independent negative pressure system
  • Magnetic grating
  • THK High Speed Silent Guideway
  • WON High Precision Grinding Screw
  • Panasonic Motor System
  • Using 61 independent adjustment units
  • Plasma electrostatic eliminating rod
Multi-combination industrial sprinkler
Sprinkler combination, CMYK/CMYK+W+V/CMYKLCLM+W+V, support double rehearsal, 4 rehearsal, color white and other customized schemes.
Excellent color managemen
makes the output color of the image more beaut

Germany's top color Gate10, excellent color management, so that the image output color is more brilliant and accurate, and ink costs reduced by 30%. It also supports common RIP software such as Photo print.

The control of color separation and ink pressing can further reduce unnecessary ink waste.

1.5L automatic ink supply bucket, ink added immediately, to avoid ink precipitation, with ink mixing system, always ensure the stability of ink supply.

The white color independent negative pressure system makes the negative pressure control more precise and ensures the stability of printing at all times.

Liguang G5 nozzle

Liguang G5 sprinkler, all steel structure, corrosion resistance, long life.

7pl-35pl variable ink drop printing, excellent ink drop control technology, can achieve photo-level output quality.

High precision stepper motor, micron height adjustment of vehicle head and high sensitive altimeter probe are used to ensure the overall image output quality.

Magnetic grating is not easy to wear and deform, oil-resistant, easy to maintain, high stability, greatly improving the accuracy of positioning.

High stability and high accuracy

X-axis adopts THK high-speed silent guide, Y-axis adopts WON high-speed silent guide, with high accuracy, low noise, wear resistance, high stability and long service life.

WON high precision grinding screw, with 7004AC angular contact high-speed bearing, screw rotation is more smooth.

The use of Panasonic motor system, double Y motor and double zero setting ensures the high accuracy and stability of the equipment movement, unique motor start-stop control technology, so that the equipment movement is more stable.

The suction platform adopts 61 independent adjustment units to further ensure the accuracy of the suction platform.

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