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The first day of the Shanghai Textile Industry Exhibition! The JHF digital print
First day of the exhibition


Today, the 2017 Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition was grandly opened!

117/500011 Yuè 27 rì, dì shíbā jiè shànghǎi guójì fǎngzhī gōngyè zhǎnlǎn huì zài shànghǎi xīn guójì bólǎn zhōngxīn (pǔdōng) lā kāi wéimù. Cǐ cì zhǎnhuì yǐ “zhì huì kuà jiè xīn fǎngzhī” wéi zhǔtí, zhìlì yú dājiàn zhēnzhèng gāoxiào de fǎngzhī kējì yǔ qítā hángyè zhìnéng fǎngzhī gāoduān kējì de jiāoliú píngtái, gòng chuāng miànxiàng chǎnyè shēngjí de xīn dònglì, xīn géjú, xīn jīyù hé xīn tiǎozhàn.On November 27th, the 18th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong). With the theme of “Zhihui Cross-border New Textile”, the exhibition is dedicated to building a truly efficient textile technology and other industries, intelligent textile high-end technology exchange platform, creating new power, new pattern, new opportunities and new opportunities for industrial upgrading. challenge.



JHF was invited to participate in the conference, and brought its digital printing solutions to the booth D01 of Hall W3. The JHF booth is full of people, and it is very lively. With its powerful functions, diversified services and convenient operation, it has attracted a large number of exhibitors and live audiences to watch and enjoy high praise.



At the exhibition site, experienced engineers and technicians patiently and detailedly explained the JHF digital printing solutions related to ink, materials and market applications, and demonstrated and answered questions.

Advantages of JHF Digital Printing Solutions

1. Efficient and economical digital textile production. The digital printing machine is able to quickly proof the sample, allowing customers to take the next step in the market competition and get orders.

2, digital printing shortens the traditional printing process, reduces the cost of plate making, and has a large advantage in small batch and multi-variety printing.

3, the use of industrial-grade nozzles and environmentally friendly ink, no pollution, low energy consumption, to achieve a green production process.

4. It is suitable for reactive ink, acid ink and dispersing ink, and has a wide application range.

5. The output pattern has a wide color gamut, bright colors, high precision, and fine images, and is not limited by the color and pattern type.

6, whether it is cluster production or personalized customization, production batches are not limited, to meet the needs of diversified production.

Ink technology

Through the optimized design of the ink path, and the unique cleaning and moisturizing mechanism and the characteristics of different inks, the ink path system can be compatible with three kinds of water-based inks: active, acidic and dispersed.


Reactive ink: Reactive ink is suitable for direct printing onto cotton, silk, nylon and other fabrics.

Acidic ink: Acidic ink is suitable for printing on silk, wool and nylon.

Disperse ink: Disperse ink is suitable for printing on polyester fabrics or blended fabrics containing more than 50% polyester.

In addition to the variety of inks used, JHF high-speed inkjet printing technology not only meets the market demand for low cost, short cycle and high quality output, but also creates higher value for customers and ensures the safety and stability of 24/7 uninterrupted printing. At the same time, it is equipped with a high-end print head and high-adhesion ink to reduce ink loss.

JHF inkjet technology has five high-energy features

1, using high-end print heads to ensure high precision and high density ink drop control;

2. Variable ink drop technology improves production efficiency and print quality;

3, high adhesion ink, low ink loss;

4. Industrial-grade multi-PLC centralized control system to stably control every link of the machine;

5, all-weather uninterrupted print jobs are safe and stable.


Relying on superior technical support, it has achieved comprehensive coverage of textile applications such as clothing, home textiles, automobile decoration, advertising, and personalized customization. This JHF will exhibit high-end digital printing equipment and technology to meet the ever-increasing demands of the market, fully consider the application of energy saving and automation in the textile field, help traditional printing and dyeing enterprises to increase product added value and improve production efficiency for customers. Reduce production costs and promote the continuous improvement of the quality of textile digital printing.


In the long run, people's demand for environmentally friendly printing and high quality is increasing day by day. The demand for product quality in the digital printing industry is on the rise, and end customers are constantly asking for more demands. JHF integrates key systems organically to provide customers with a comprehensive solution that is safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. At the same time, we hope to join hands with more partners to promote the industry to a new era of green printing.

Part of the exhibiting models

[P200 industrial digital printing machine]

Using high-speed industrial printing nozzles and ultra-fine "micro" printing technology, JHF is a high-end textile printing machine with core printing technology tailored for digital printing industry customers.


P200 industrial digital printer can not only meet the high efficiency of high-volume production customers, but also improve the reproduction performance of ultra-fine patterns. With variable ink drop technology, it has higher precision and speed, fine ink droplets and rich colors. The pattern gradation effect is better, and the product grade is effectively improved; the software and hardware are perfectly combined, and after a long time of rigorous testing, you can use it with confidence during use. At the same time, the digitally printed fabric is quickly dried in conjunction with the drying room.


【T1800 Industrial Digital Printing Machine】

600dpi physical precision, high-speed industrial grade gray variable ink drop print head, high speed and high precision, complete color combination scheme, up to 8 colors; rectangular triangle welded frame to ensure high strength of the whole machine, At the same time, it has the function of man-machine intelligent soft panel operation.

Print, we are serious!

Think of what customers think, the urgency of customers

Committed to providing customers with high-end printing solutions

  Promote the textile industry

High-end, intelligent, green, service transformation

Cater to the trend of personalized textile printing

Inject new vitality and new value into the industry

It is JHF that constantly explores the power of continuous innovation!

Today, the first day of the Shanghai Textile Industry Exhibition won the first battle. Tomorrow, we still look forward to your visit to the JHF booth to jointly open a new future for the digital printing industry!



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