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H3370 flat-roll industrial printer
  • High performance servo motor
  • Constant pressure adsorption control technology
  • Multi-function front control technology
  • Imported high precision metal grating
  • High precision electric negative pressure system
  • Safe and reliable towline solution
  • Automatic cleaning nozzle device
  • High performance UV curing ink
Print Soft and Rigid Materials
For printing of high-quality flat and roll-to-roll materials,glass, wood, ceramic tile, metal plate, leather cloth.
High Precision

High precision metal raster, high performance AC servo motor, and high precision closed loop control, ensures precise movement of the carriage.

High precision of electric negative pressure system, (resolution 0.01KPa), reduces the use of compressed air for more than 95%, reduces the starting frequency, improves the service life of the air compressor.

Using a constant tension control on roll material printing, to ensure feeding system stable, reliable and stepping accuracy.

Using double feed pressing roller and the printing plate anchor device on sheet material printing, to ensure the reliable positioning of printing process and seamless vacuum adsorption.

Automatic Adjusting and Cleaning

Nozzle cleaning function, can easily complete to clean nozzle by flush fluid without removing the nozzle.

Sub-ink tanks constant temperature control, ensure perfect and consistent ink features in different environment.

Ink power-off protection function, avoid ink leakage after sudden blockout.

The ink system adopts premium high precision filter, which provides the clean and pure ink for print head.

Automatic height measurement function, regardless of changes in material thickness, ensure perfect and consistent height gap between the nozzle and material.

Multifunctional Control

Using multifunctional carriage control technology, to ensure the operation safely, and conveniently.

Integrated double switch anti-collision technology, protect machine and operation.

Complete inking system, ensure the printing is clean and safe.

The platform adopts constant pressure adsorption control technology, preventing the material jitter effectively.

The world's premium chain solutions, reduce the cable motion fault to zero.

Product parameters
Printhead Kyocera printhead 6+1
Max. Width 3200mm*120mm
Inks UV ink
Colors Options C、M、Y、K、Lc、Lm、W
High Speed Model 300×1800dpi 120 m2/h
Production Model 600×1200dpi 90 m2/h
Fine Model 600×1800dpi 60 m2/h
Drying Method HONLE LAMP
Print Material Hard materials and flexible coils (glass, wood, bamboo, tile plexiglass, metal sheet, leather cloth, acrylic sheet, Chevron board, reflective film, canvas, carpet, crystal, rubber, marble, corrugated board, etc.) Materials; timely stickers, single-transparent film, wallpaper, advertising cloth and other flexible materials)
RIP customizable
Interface PCIE
Voltage AC 380V / 35A
Motor System Linear Motor
Display Control Standard display
Negative Pressure System Electric negative pressure system
Adsorption Platform Constant pressure adsorption control technology
Machine Size L6000mm*W1410mm*H1865mm
Machine Weight 2170KG
Sheet material and roll material