About us
F3220 flat industrial printer
  • safety collision avoidance system
  • white ink and varnish
  • Continuous automatic ink supply
  • Linear motor + metal grating closed-loop control
  • Automatic head lift system
  • PLC+ touch display
  • 4-zone vacuum adsorption platform
  • Static elimination device
High-speed High precision,Green
Main beam with high precision, adopting linear motor + Hall switch+Metal grating closed-loop control. Accurate location, no shaking,high-speed, stable and reliable.
Automatic Carriage Lifting System

Automatic carriage lifting system, adopting Servo motor realizing the precise control of the whole position of platform, printing different high in any location and industrial automation.

Carriage Installs anti-collision system, when carriage meet barrier it will stop and raise the carriage to protect operator and machine. 

Y axis with Bilinear motor, Bimetal grating, Double Zero, double closed-loop control,front&back stagger at left and right sides for protection, more accurate on stepping and  

higher precision. Multipoint adjustment ensures platform precision more accurate. 

Automatic Ink Supplying

PLC+ touch-sensitive display, automated integration operations, canceling the operation professional.

Ink-supplying: adopting continuous automatic ink supplying system, liquid level alarming and 3 pieces independent electronic negative pressure control system with higher precision. 

White ink adopts circulation control, when no job inks will be fed into main ink tank to protect printhead.

Multiple Configuration

Vacuum table, four partitions and closed-loop constant pressure automatic control   system offer constant adsorption when printing same material in different size. Table with steel ruler for location is more accurate.

Anti-static mechanism, Machines install static bar and add-on type SIMCO makes    anti-static feature more complete.

Multiple configuration options: White and Vanish are optional, which makes pictures more layering. 

Product parameters
Printhead Kyocera double roll (6+1+1)*2
Max. Width 3200mm X 2000mm*60mm
Inks UV ink
Colors Options C、M、Y、K、Lc、Lm、W、V
High Speed Model 300×1800dpi 150m2/h
Production Model 600×1200dpi 120m2/h
Fine Model 600×1800dpi 75m2/h
Drying Method HONLE JETCURE300
Print Material Foam board, acrylic, aluminum composite panel, glass, wood and other plates
RIP customizable
Interface PCIE
Voltage AC380 / 25KW
Motor System servo motor
Display Control PLC+ touch display
Negative Pressure System Electric negative pressure system
Adsorption Platform Four-zone vacuum adsorption platform
Machine Size L6220mm*W2764mm*H1775mm
Machine Weight
Covers advertising printing, sheet metal processing
architectural ceramics, decorative flooring, packaging cardboard and many other industries.