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T1800C Textile Transfer Printer
  • Double row 4/6 color
  • Servo drive system and metal grating
  • Fully automatic PLC function
  • High precision negative pressure control system
  • Automatic lifting and moisturizing and cleaning
  • Safe and reliable towline solution
  • Unique secondary cartridge control technology
  • Adjustable weight floating roller
Digital Paper Transfer Printing
It is printed on transfer paper or transfer film using high-temperature disperse ink, and transferred to fabrics such as polyester/nylon by the principle of thermal sublimation.
Pursue true color
Super cost-effective

Impress the world with high quality prints

High performance industrial grade two-color printhead

With a variety of printing modes, the double row 4,6 color configuration is optional, providing users with more choices.

Negative pressure control system

Negative pressure changes can be monitored in real time, reducing compressed air usage by more than 90%.

Automatic lifting and moisturizing device, as well as automatic cleaning of the wiper device, make maintenance easier.

Fully automatic PLC control system

The automatic PLC control system is adopted to control the feeding and cleaning printhead in real time.

The use of a safe and reliable towline solution effectively solves the problem of sports cable failure

Product parameters
Printhead Kyocera printhead
Max. Width 1800mm
Inks Dispersed, active, acidic
Colors Options 4/6 double row
High Speed Model 367㎡/h
Production Model 260㎡/h
Fine Model 202㎡/h
Drying Method Self-contained temperature control heating system
Print Material
RIP Caldera/neoStampa
Interface PCIE
Voltage AC380/ 50~60HZ / 20KW / 38A
Motor System Panasonic motor
Display Control Standard display
Negative Pressure System Mechanical negative pressure system
Adsorption Platform No
Machine Size 4210mm*2280mm*1950
Machine Weight 2170KG
Application field
Paper Transfer in Textile & Garment