About us
R6000/R3300 Industrial Printer
  • Unique UV lamp curing solution
  • High precision electric negative pressure system
  • 4 large diameter rubber rollers
  • Silent linear guide
  • Industrial PLC Control
  • Secondary cartridge control
  • National patent
  • High-precision metal raster
High productivity and Super-wide Printer
With large-format printer ensures quick and efficient commercial promotion applications, including exhibition graphics, digital textile, billboard signage and commercial graphics.
High Precision and High Speed

360dpi high resolution, high speed industrial printheads makes printing output quality outstanding with 1000dpi resolution.

By use of high precision, mute linear guide rail, you will enjoy the quiet and wonderful printing process environment

The 4 large diameter rubber rollers reduce the deflection and lead the material moving more smoothly and prevent it from deviating. It protects printed job and more suitable for large quantities of high speed printing.

High-precision metal raster, best performance AC servo motor, and close-loop control technology of high precision lead to  step-moving precisely and stably. 

Automatic Lifting System

High precision electric negative pressure system reduces more than 90% the compressed air consumption, enhance the service life of the air compressor effectively.

Introduction of industrial PLC control module controls each printing step stabily.

High precision automatic lifting height measurement system reduces the manual operation mistakes.

Special control technology of second ink tank reduces the ink leakage when sudden blackout.

Unique UV lamp curing solution

With a unique UV lamp curing solution, the picture is instantly cured for greater clarity, brightness and color saturation.

Use a high-precision, silent linear guide to keep your printing process quiet.

The use of four large-diameter rubber rollers reduces deflection and makes the printing material run more smoothly and is not easy to be deflected.

Product parameters
Printhead KONICA KM1024i 6*2
Max. Width 5000mm/3200mm
Inks UV ink
Colors Options C、M、Y、K、Lc、Lm、W
High Speed Model 1080×720dpi 170/150m2/h
Production Model 720×720dpi 130/110m2/h
Fine Model 720×1080dpi 90/80m2/h
Drying Method HONLE LAMP
Print Material Various roll-to-roll materials such as PVC, PET , PP etc.
RIP customizable
Interface PCIE
Voltage AC 380V / 25KW
Motor System Linear Motor
Display Control Standard display
Negative Pressure System Mechanical negative pressure system
Adsorption Platform Adjustable pressure adsorption
Machine Size 8100mm*2040mm*2180mm / 6620mm*2000mm*1940mm
Machine Weight 6240KG/3800KG
PVC light cloth, PET light sheet, various car stickers, woven fabrics, etc.