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R7000Pro Four color four row

R7000Pro 4*4 - A new generation of  JHF ultra-wide UV printing with greatly enhanced print speed!! Once again you will be shocked by its incredible speed, instant capacity, technology and innovation! R7000Pro will challenge your sensory limits!


F3700 New generation of UV flatbed printer

JHF F3700--Unique JHF Flatbed printer series, first made in China three-axis high quality flatbed with  high speed, high resolution, photo quality image. Special spot varnish printing facility  to make the image more glossy and emboss effect. JHF is committed to providing customers with a solution to help them differentiate themselves from their competitors.


R7000Pro/R3700Pro 5/3.2-meter high speed UV inkjet printer


JHF R7000Pro/R3700Pro is an echo to the request of hundreds of JHF customers all around the world. Its printing speed is 4 times faster than current market existing model. With 1800dpi printing resolution, it’s a perfect combination of precision, speed, stability! JHF R7000Pro/R3700Pro establishes the new benchmark for our industry, helps you explore more opportunity with high competitiveness!



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