We truly believe that providing the good quality product is not only can satisfied our customer but also the good service. The inkjet printing technology demands we need to maintenance the printer regularly. How can we help our customer achieve their job in the shortest time is the most important thing to us. It is such competitive market. That is why you need to find reliable partner and company to build up the business together. That is why we set up the office in the main city in the country and have the technician people base in the office make sure that we could give the quickest response and service when our customer have a trouble.

You can also dial our 24hours service support number to reach our engineer. Almost 60% problem can be solved by the phone . if there is more complicated problem, the engineer will be on your site in 12 hours. Our engineer mostly well trained and had experience in the field. We had company internal training every month in order to serve our customer better.


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